Thursday, August 09, 2007

Scheduling Conflicts

I am not sure what the story is, but I have noticed lately that a lot of things are scheduled on Sunday mornings, when I would normally be at church. This isn't just in Boston, it happened in California too. We were somewhat less social in California, so I don't think I noticed it as much, but it still happened sometimes.

This is so frustrating to me, because I can't always skip the event, and I can't always change it around. I've had a 5K race, brunch with my sister-in-law, and now a "welcome party" for the new baby of my husband's new colleagues. We ran the 5K because we had friends in from out-of-town, plus we were leaving on a trip that day (so I probably wouldn't have gone to church anyway; we were done with the 5K long before church would have been over!). We moved brunch to lunch, so it would start after church was finished. But this welcome party... I could theoretically not go, but these are my husband's new colleagues, and a new baby, so I want to be congenial. I am not thrilled about it, though. It starts at 11 AM, so it's definitely too early for me to even almost be done with church.

In my hometown, churchgoing is an important event, so unless you are scheduling things with people whom you KNOW don't go to church, you don't schedule anything until after noon on Sunday. Heck, my sister's conservative Christian private school didn't even give homework on Wednesdays, because they expected that everyone would be at church on Wednesday nights (okay, I admit, I think this is going TOO far).

If this keeps happening, I am going to have to be more forceful about saying no. It really is frustrating for me to try to keep this balance of going to church regularly and maintaining my relationships with others.


Michael said...

I'd like to discuss my experience in the church with you. Please email me through my profile page.

I really like your blog. Please continue.

Carried by Him said...

sometimes, things come up, which is fine, but in your case, it would be good to mark Sunday as a "nothing but church" day, if you dont want any scheduling conflicts..

Anonymous said...

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alphacarbon said...

I came across your blog through a google search for "armenian church blog"...I was hoping to find an Armenian priest who keeps a regular blog.
I am an Armenian from Canada and I was trying to figure out why there are two branches of the Armenian Apostolic Church...and two in Armenia and one in Lebanon...anyway, your blog is very interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anoushig said...

alphacarbon, check out In His Shoes- I can't get the link to work right now- it should be or, but Der Vazken has kept a blog at some point- he had one for his trip to Rwanda about a year ago.