Sunday, October 15, 2006


Today, I sang my first solo in 19 years- my first solo in front of other people, that is, since 99% of my solos are in the car or shower, and the other .8% are at karaoke. Most of the church (read: the elderly) were at a church trip to a local resort/gambling town, so there were 3 women singing today. None of the regular soloists were there, so there was an opening! I think I did okay.

I sang the first two lines of Miayn Soorp, which is just "miayn soorp, miayn der" (loosely translated: "You are the only holy one, the only God").


Araxee said...

I'm still so freaken jealous you get to go to an Armenian Church... Not worth me moving for one, but still. Kristian was always bored out of his mind when I would make him go to one whenever we go to Texas.

Anoushig Aghchig said...

I never make Michael go. People used to ask where he was, and I would just flat out say "He doesn't know Armenian, and he's not religious. It's a tough sell." They would shrug their shoulders with general understanding (probably having had a hard time dragging their kids to church). Now they know. Michael will go to the cultural stuff (like the genocide remembrance service), but usually not to regular church unless there is something special going on. He went when his mother was visiting us. She wanted to go, and normally he wouldn't have gone, but our schedule required it. We had another party to go to right afterwards.